Sing Afrika! - Saturday 6th October 2018 at St Thomas’s Church in Lymington, 11.00am to 11.45am

Free with a retiring collection

Programme notes for ‘Sing Afrika’ concert

Set 1 from Southern Africa
A joyful song of praise from Uganda.

Ladum izulu
A comical lament of parents fretting over their teenage son’s choices in love…

Thuma mina
“Send me, lead me, fill me…” A haunting, prayerful invocation in four parts.

“Never give up!” Even at the height of the AIDS crisis in South Africa.

Set 2 from North America

Michael row the boat ashore
Michael, the archangel, leader of the souls of those who
cross the river Jordan.

Oh sinner man
“Where you gonna run to on that day?” A working song
turned spiritual.

Oh freedom
“Afore I’ll be a slave I’ll be buried in my grave!”

Rock my soul
Who said heaven had to be boring?


Set 3 from South Africa, Kenya, and West Africa

“What have we done?” A song of protest against racial oppression and violence.

I paradisi
Perhaps one day we shall be united “in paradise where all the dead are living”.

Ise oluwa
“What the creator has made can never be destroyed” From West Africa, in Yoruba.

A cheerful farewell song from Kenya, in Swaheli


Set 4 from North America

Go down Moses
“Let my people go!” Hebrew slaves in Egypt, black slaves in North America, calling.

This train
Ride into glory with a non-smoking trainload of saints!

Hold on
“Can’t plough straight and keep a-looking back!”

A single word holding the emotion of long-lost memory.


Shut de do
« Keep out de devil ! » by Randy Coleman